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Wierzę, że dobry projekt architektoniczny to nie tylko inteligentne połączenie stylu, formy i funkcjonalności. Jest to również forma opowiadania historii.


cleaning products

safety articles

Chemical industry

  • Disinfection
  • Professional cleaning products
  • Preparations for washing heavy dirty hands
  • Industrial clippers
  • Hygiene articles
  • Household chemicals
  • Cleaning equipment and accessories
  • Clothes, helmts etc
  • Eyes protection
  • Fall protection

  • Zał

One of the key competitive advantages of the Fournier-pro.com chemical wholesaler is direct access to a wide range of raw materials, components, additives, industrial formulations and finished products.

These are mainly chemical substances intended for further processing in industry, as well as various types of articles dedicated to the service sector.

For manufacturing and service companies, shopping on the distripark.com platform is a whole package of benefits. The most important of them are:

high-quality products,

access to a very wide offer,

sale without intermediaries,

attractive prices,

short delivery times

convenient payment methods,

Timely deliveries of ordered raw materials and finished products carried out by Fournier-pro.com provide customers with the ability to precisely plan production or perform services. What's more, when making a purchase via the Internet, they do not have to go through complicated procedures that usually prolong the execution of orders.

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